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"Russian Trading House"!

We will help you to fulfill your dream, namely we will construct country house or a bathhouse for a couple of days, and also we construct country cosy, eco-friendly houses for year-round habitation within a 1-1.5 months - completely finished.

The houses of our production, warmed by basalt cotton wool 150 - 200 mm, completed with wooden windows (own production), established on the pile foundation with a minimum price won’t leave you indifferent at a choice of the company for construction of a wooden country house. Delivery and building of cottages, garden houses, bathhouses, arbors - it is real and available! A wide choice of design decisions, and more than 50 completed projects of various degree of complexity, and also implementation of orders on individual projects.

We also produce elements of landscape design and a full range of garden furniture according to individual drawings and projects - from dog boxes, guest houses, to wooden houses, baths and cottages.

Construction is carried out by highly skilled team of specialists with a long-term experience. The package of delivery includes all the components - from the boards and beams, to the screws and latches packed with plastic wrap on pallets.

Environmentally friendly and neutral material is used as the main construction material of own production. The board of fir-tree and pine sawed on the power-saw bench of the German production - «Gatter», passed process of drying in drying cameras, profiled on German equipment Weinig firm.

All technological processes are carried out in the uniform territory of our production, which explains the minimum cost of production and thus minimum prices for our products.

In the design, creation and installation of products of our company the Finnish quality standard is observed.